Welcome To Futurehippie

your mindful online & offline Yoga school 


Welcome to futurehippie. A modern online and offline yoga school.

futurehippie gives you the opportunity to enjoy a healthy yoga vacation in person or to practice from the comfort of your home. 

I believe that it’s possible, to live a healthy yogic lifestyle and to enjoy the amenities from modern, digital world in a mindful way.

Create the life you wanna live!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, things might change quick.

For more information send an email to Mika : info@futurehippie.life 

200h online Yoga teacher training

Take your Yoga beyond the physical practice to transform your life.

You will leave with tools to continue living a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. 


A 12 week online program with live classes 3 times per week  and additional  prerecorded material.

Yoga Teacher Training
Feminine Flow

Align & Flow

Your Yogaholiday on Ibiza, 25.-30. September 2021

Wanna feel the magic of beautiful Ibiza, the Scorpio island, supporting your own personal journey ?

A journey towards inner & outer alignment. Feel the connection with yourself and allow the energy to flow again.

Join this 5 night Yoga holiday, together with a small group of like minded people.

You can expect 6 days full of Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, time for yourself, delicious food and great connections.

Feminine Flow

Woman are cyclical beings!  The body and mind are strongly influenced by the cycle and the hormones.

In order to understand yourself better, we have developed an online course for you!

What you will learn in the course💡

– How Yoga & Ayurveda can help you get a healthy cycle

– Why a regular cycle is important for your health

– What are the 4 phases of your cycle and how you can use them

– How you can support your cycle and health with exercise and nutrition

– What role your hormones play

– The pill and contraception

– How to relieve PMS, cramps and pain

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