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Balance your hormones naturally – intensive course

How Hormone Yoga changed my life

The symptoms of unbalanced hormones can have bad effects on our self esteem and bring anxiety & insecurity.

Not knowing if you can get pregnant or what’s causing your irregular cycle, PCO’s or PMS is a stressful situation.

Symptoms which are common in perimenopause and menopause, like weight gain, fatigue, emotional symptoms, hot flushes, insomnia urogenital dryness, decreased libido, disturb the sex life and also decrease the immunity in the urogenital area. Already with age of 35 the hormone level decreases !

In a younger age infertility, PMS, PCOS and irregular cycles can be caused by a disbalance of the overall hormonal level.

In the course “Balance your hormones naturally -intensive course” you will learn about your cycle, the hormones, the inner seasons, how to live a cyclical life as well as the practice of Hormone Yoga therapy. Additional you will have access to relaxing breathing techniques, anti-stress-techniques and a night routine.

During the course we will have 3 live classes and a lot of prerecorded material for your selfstudy.


The live calls are as following:

Sundays at 10am CET/ 3pm ICR via Zoom:

3rd/10th and 24th April

course content

Part 1: the intro

Learn about the main glands and their responsibility, the effects of low hormones, the Bandhas, the breathing techniques, the nadis & chakra system and contraindications.

Part 2: the 1st live call 120min

We will meet live via Zoom at the 3rd April to learn the sequence of Hormone Yoga therapy.

Part 3: selfstudy module

Practice the daily series, learn new Pranayama and anti-stress-techniques to reduce stress. In this module you will also learn about the 4 inner seasons and the rhythm of the monthly cycle and hormones.

Part 4: the 2nd live call -120min

We will meet live via Zoom at the 10th April to practice and to share our experience. Time for Q&A.

Part 5: selfstudy module

Practice the daily series, learn new Pranayama and anti-stress-techniques as well as how to improve your sleep, including a night time routine.

Part 6: the 3rd live call 120min

We will meet one more time to practice the daily series. Time for sharing and Q&A

Hormone Yoga therapy is an intense exercise series for all woman to reactivate and balance the hormone level in a natural way. The combination of Hatha Yoga Asanas, the use of strong Pranayama techniques and a Tibetian technique to circulate energy regulates our endocrine system.

Hormone Yoga is highly effective for woman in Perimenopause, Menopause, the wish of conceiving, woman with irregular cycles, PCO’s  or PMS.

Benefits of Hormone Yoga therapy

balances the hormones naturally

reduces hot flashes

supports the nervous system, libido, skin & hair, metabolism, sleep, energy and fertility

⚠️It is important to know that you will raise your hormone level in a very short time if you practice consistently. Therefore there are a few contraindications for the practice. If you have or had breast or uterus cancer, a fibroid bigger then 10cm, taking strong medication due to depression or having severe, diagnosed endometriosis you unfortunately can’t practice HYT.

If you have Hypothyroidism please let me know, because we then need to adapt the practice for you.

How to sign up ?

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full payment 290€ , payment plan available

Discount: 7 tickets are available with a discount of 33€- pay only 257€

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