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Feminine Flow Workshop & Lunch Munich 8.8.

Feminine Flow Workshop & Lunch

As a women we‘re cyclical beings and can’t function the same way every day.

We feel and think differently in the phases of our cycle.

You can make use that for yourself, your projects and your relationships.

Learn to feel and lovingly accept every phase of the cycle in order not only to live a healthier and more balanced life, but also to be more creative and productive.

This Workshop will give you an introduction to

🌟 understand and balance your hormones

🌟 live in harmony with your cycle

🌟 and step into your feminine energy

1h gentle, feminine Yoga

1h Workshop „the hormones and your cycle“

& Lunch @ Café Wonder

45€ per person. Included in the price is Yoga, the breakfast menu and orange juice. (drinks are an add on)

Café Wonder, Heideckstr.14, Munich