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From cosmetic to cosmic beauty.

Mika, aka Meike, originally came from the hair cosmetics before she found her passion in yoga. Nearly 20 years of experience in the field of external beauty, of which she worked 10 years for L’Oreal.

Since 2005 Mika is practicing Hatha Yoga. At first, she saw yoga more as a counterbalance to her athletic involvement in gym, Crossfit, swimming, or running before she discovered that yoga can mean more.

Today, her daily yoga practice is her base from which she draws her energy and recharges strength for all the adventures. Mika has completed her yoga teacher training in Bali and India and is certified with more than 600 hours. She is registered as teacher at Yoga Alliance.

Mika completed following Yoga teacher trainings: 200h Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga, Shades of Yoga, Bali (Shades of Yoga 200H TTC); 100h Myofascial Yin Yoga, Beta Lisboa, Bali; 36h Flyhigh Yoga, Gili Trawangan; 300h Hatha Yoga, Yog Peeth, Rishikesh, India.

She taught in Bali, Gili Trawangan, Germany, Spain, India, Cambodia and Malaysia under her first label “Mika-Yoga”.

In October 2017 she met Rayk in Berlin at a Workshop. She was about to move abroad but this couldn’t stop their love story, as he decided to followed her. At the Vagabond Temple in Cambodia they worked & lived together until they decided to create their own Yoga retreat center. Futurehippie was born.

Mika at futurehippie


Rayk comes from the world of finance and procurement. He has experience of more than 15 years in both fields and undergone a lot, before he decided in 2017 to leave it all behind and started to travel and work abroad. Retrospectively this was the best decision he made so far – time to discover himself, his energy and his purpose in life.

He fulfilled his wish to work more with people – besides managing a team at work – with getting a life coach in September 17, after three years of education based on Gestalt therapy.

Since 10 years Rayk is practicing Yoga and Pilates as perfect equivalent to his others sports like Spinning, Crossfit and running.

It all started with a DVD in front of the TV and during several surf camps in Spain before he found his home at a Yoga studio in Berlin – luckily the one where he met Mika. That meeting led to his decision to follow her to Cambodia and work in a Yoga retreat.

In his time at the yoga retreat it happened, that he understood what Yoga can do good for him and that it is far more than doing asanas. In combination with meditation, Reiki and spiritual practices it supports the healing process and opens space for a deeper understanding.

Welcome to futurehippie!

The Coach Rayk
Rayk doing Reiki

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