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Futurehippie is an ongoing retreat and offers a comprehensive program and treatments to get the most out of your stay.

Ongoing allows you to start your journey whenever it suits you. From a 3 days experience up to 1 month stay, you can be with us to deepen your practice and reconnect to yourself. Please plan your arrival inbetween Monday and Saturday from 10am-4pm. The day you arrive is your first day; the day you’ll leave us, you can enjoy the program until late. Please respect that we don’t do check-ins and check outs on Sundays to give our staff and us a day to rest.

The program includes various Yoga and meditation classes from Monday to Saturday. On the schedule you’ll also find community classes, dance classes, movie nights or a book night. Sundays we recommend to reflect, relax or work on your selfpractice.  

The full schedule and the supportive energy from a spiritual, international community as well as qualified teachers invite you to dive deep into your practice.

Inbetween you’ll find time to work, study, chill or to explore the island. There might be days where you just wanna stay at futurehippie and relax, study or practice. On other days you might be more energetic and are up to explore. In that case we will provide you with informations and contacts to tour guides.

Sunset Yoga Futurehippie


This is how your program with us can look like. The schedule might be adjusted to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Classes are multi-level and modifications given for beginners or injuries. 

No booking required. Just arrive 5-10 min earlier. If you’re not sure if you want one class or a pass you can decide after your first class. 

Mats and props are provided. Depending on the teachers and the season we offer workshops and special thematic weeks as well.

For an overview have a look under


Special offer: 3 class pass 990THB

(cannot be shared, 1 month validity)


Yoga on and off the mat. You can practice different yoga styles with us. We practice Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Fascia Yoga.

Hatha Yoga means to practice the physical form of yoga. Yogapostures (Asanas) are practiced to strengthen the body and calm the mind to be able to sit longer in meditation.

These days, Hatha Yoga is more known for the slow, traditional way to practice yoga.

We include Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation in our classes. Each class can be different and focus on different aspects, such as strength, balance, deep stretches, inversions, heart or hip openers.

Vinyasa Flow is a popular style of yoga. The class is fluent with a lot of Vinyasa (repetition of variation of sun salutations). Expect a fun, energetic and playful art to practice yoga. Vinyasa Flow can be a challenging class. If you have any doubts contact us before. You’re welcome as a beginner as well as an advanced yogi.

Yin Yoga. The slow form to practice Yoga. Each Asana will be hold for 2-6 min. The class is perfect for you if you like deep, long stretches and are looking for something to balance your stressful life. Yin Yoga opens up the tissues in our body in a gentle way to rejuvenate and relax.

Fascia Yoga. A new modern form to practice yoga. Fascia Yoga can be practiced with a fasciaball or tennisball to roll and release the connective tissues in our body. Another way to open up the tissues and get rid of tensions is to practice a playful, swinging and bouncing art of yoga. This yoga style is the perfect way to fall in love with yoga if you’re also in other sports such as running, weightlifting, tennis, hiking etc.

If you’re new to yoga or have any special needs, you’re welcome to book a private class with us.

Thaiyoga massage

Thaiyogamassage is an ancient art of healing and a spiritual practice.

Energy lines are stimulated to restore energy flow. The own body weight is used (hands, thumbs and feet) to deepen the intensity of the stretch while the receiver is enjoying a passive yoga asana.

There are yogic stretching of the muscles and more dynamic techniques used. The self-healing powers of the body are activated. Tensions and blockages can be loosened. The massage is carried out without oil.

There’s no experience needed to receive a Thaiyogamassage. Just enjoy and relax!

We recommend not eating for at least two hours before. If you wanna have more details or book a massage with us, don’t hesitate to contact us before your arrival.

Rayk Coach


What’s special about Gestalt?

Gestalt is philosophy, knowledge and attitude – it’s not a technique. Every vivid happening is seen as immediate experience. The study of such processes is therefore given special attention.

An individual, a couple or a group should be encouraged by Gestalt to be in contact with their individual abilities and resources. This basis allows you to meet challenges with a lively interest and alert awareness.

Beyond ideologies, closed value systems or rigid beliefs, discovering and inventing as well as trying out own ways and solutions has the highest priority.

Goal of my work with you is that you have a clearer view on your needs and how to fulfill them – no matter if you are standing at a crossroad or looking for the next big thing.

This coaching program requires a minimum of three sessions to gain optimal benefits. In one private session we can work on a specific issue. 

Pre-booking is required for all retreats. We recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Did you ever think about working on yourself at the energy level of your body? As part of our program and the treatments, Reiki is an amazing added value to your daily practice.

Reiki is a gentle hands-on-technique for stress reduction, relaxation, emotional and energetic re-balancing and healing. The reiki practitioner directs energy to areas of the body where it may be needed. A Reiki session can help balance the major systems of the body, remove blockages in key energy centres, cleanse the aura and bring your whole being into balance and harmony.

In Reiki, healing takes place on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level. The practitioner usually focuses on the recipient’s chakra system.  By transferring Reiki energy into the recipient, the practitioner can help the individual heal through whichever issues are at hand.

Mika and Rayk both participated in the Reiki Level 1 course with the wonderful Pazit at Vagabond Temple.

Rayk deepened his knowledge in a Reiki Level 2 course with the amazing Kate from the space between healing.

Rayk doing Reiki
DNX Yoga Retreat Futurehippie

Digital Nomads

Working in paradise.

You do have the opportunity to create the life you wanna live. Join our yoga program, live in a community which is sharing the same vibe like you, enjoy healthy, vegan food and continue doing the things you need to do. Either you live already as a digital nomad or you’re on the way to become one – you’re welcome. Working for you is possible from all over the world but sometimes you struggle with finding support from others? Living a healthy lifestyle is something you already implemented or you’re interested in? Is that calling you? We provide workspace and high-speed internet access to you and you’ll have time to enjoy the program, the island, new friends or whatever you’re up to.

If you just wanna have a great yoga vacation and not looking to become a digital nomad, you’re of course equally welcome to join us. We believe by sharing experiences, different ways how to live our life, we’re learning and becoming more compassionate about others and our own true self. Happiness starts within us.

Vegan Food

Enjoy daily organic vegan meals which are fresh and full of loving energy. The human diet has changed drastically during our lifetime. Invite yourself to reconnect to your true wants and needs. All food is lovingly prepared by a small team. Healthy and yummy, organic and sustainable, what we eat is giving us fuel for the day. If you have a special need please contact us before.

Included in the retreat price is your breakfast and dinner which will be served as a buffet.

For Lunch you can spoil yourself at our Café and order from the menu snacks, fresh coconuts, coffee / tea and vegan treats.

When there’s a craving for food we’re not offering, such as fish, meat or dairy products, Koh Samui is offering a wide range of markets, local or western restaurants.

Please respect that we don’t serve and allow alcohol, drugs and animal based products.

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