Transformation Futurehippie

become the best version of yourself

Know what you really want!

Know who you really are!

This deep immersion is designed to help you step into your power and out of the rat race. What would you like to do if money was no object? What would you really enjoy doing in your life? 

Mika and Rayk designed their life how they wanted it to be. We don’t say that it’s always easy but it’s worth to step out of the comfort zone and to transform your life. 

One of our passions is to share the things we believe in and what we love. We wanna share this with you! This is the reason we created a 15 days program to help you transform your life. Don’t waste your life with doing things you don’t like. Do the things you truly love!

futurehippie creates the environment you need to transform your life. You can book this program, that is designed to let your individuality bloom, almost all year long. Combine your daily yoga practice with coaching and relaxing at the beach.

Packages starting from $1,499

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