Yoga Retreats

Improve your Health Wellness Mood Mental Clarity Flexibility

Are you looking for a way to escape the pressures of everyday life?

Are you interested in finding out how to take care of your body and mind in a way that makes them feel nourished and ready to take on anything? Then Yoga retreats are for you.

Chiang mai yoga retreat

This retreat helps you with….

the symptoms of low hormones, infertility, perimenopause, menopause or if you just wanna spend a few days in sisterhood to recharge and relax in the north of Thailand with a supportive small group of woman to find balance and take care of yourself.


Starting from 960,99€

Twin Standard Room: 35156 THB (960,99€)

Twin Deluxe Room: 35736 THB (977,13€)

Single Room : 36896 THB (1009,44€)

Double Room-single use 42116 THB (1150,08€)

How to book

Send an inquiry to Mika via email
Pay 30% deposit to make a reservation
Pay the remaining amount upon arrival!

Join us for a 6-day Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Feminine Balance

On 12-17th November 2022 at Mala Dhara, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ibiza Woman’s Retreat

This retreat helps you with…. 

symptoms of Menopause, premature Menopause, menstrual disorders, PMS, PCO, fertility issues and low libido

—and it’s sure to help you feel like a new woman!

Come join us in Ibiza!

Early Bird Price

until 30th September 2022

1241€telescope lounge

1401€ shared loft, max 3 people

1367€ single room, two people

1450€ shared twin room

1660€ single room, single use

regular price

1307€ telescope lounge

1475€ shared loft, max 3 people

1439€ single room, two people

1527€ shared twin room

1748€ single room, single use

Join us for a 6-day Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Ibiza

Reset & Refresh Woman’s Retreat

On 13-18th May 2023 at Ses Caletes Hacienda is in Sant Joan, North Ibiza

Who is your Host?

My name is Mika and I will provide for you a lot of opportunities to enjoy a wonderful Yoga holiday. 

I believe in the power of reflection, meditation, and self-discovery—and I want to help you get there and make sure that you have the best experience possible!

For more information send an email to Mika :