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Ibiza Yttc ! 200h Hybrid – Ibiza and online!



1 week in person training on Ibiza from the 10th – 16th October, followed by a 10 week online program with live classes 3 times per week  and additional prerecorded material.

This training will certify you to teach yoga and enhance your self-development. You will go outside of your comfort zone but be supported throughout by Mika from futurehippie. 

This is an introduction to different aspects of yoga , including safe and effective practice.  It will be a small group to enable a lot of time and attention for every student. Take your practice to the nextlevel and start a journey that goes beyond knowledge!


Upon completion you will have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, understand how to sequence and design a yoga class, have awareness of the history and philosophy of Yoga and have gained the confidence to teach.


You will also leave with tools to commence or continue living a well balanced and healthy yoga lifestyle. The course is appropriate for all levels of physical practice.

Yoga style

Learn the basics of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga during this 200h training. You will be able to guide beginner students and intermediate practitioners through a safe Yoga class, when finishing this course.

This training is well balanced to learn Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation as well as the theoretical part such as Anatomy, Philosophy and Teaching Methodology.

Yoga Teacher Training at Futurehippie

your teacher 

Since 2005 Mika is practicing Hatha Yoga. At first, she saw yoga more as a counterbalance to her athletic involvement in gym, Crossfit, swimming, or running before she discovered that yoga can mean more.

Today, her daily yoga practice is her base from which she draws her energy and recharges strength for all the adventures.Mika has completed her yoga teacher trainings in Bali and India.

200h Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga, Shades of Yoga, Bali 100h Myofascial Yin Yoga, Beta Lisboa, Bali; 36h Flyhigh Yoga, Gili Trawangan; 300h Hatha Yoga, Yog Peeth, Rishikesh, India.

She taught in Bali, Gili Trawangan, Germany, Spain, India, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.

In 2018 she opened futurehippie, a retreat center on Koh Samui, Thailand.

Since 2021 futurehippie is an online and offline Yoga school.




Kickstart of the program is a oneweek TTC in person at a beautiful villa on the magical island of Ibiza. From 10th -16th October.

From then onwards until the 24th December an online program of 10 weeks with live classes 3 times a week with Mika and additional prerecorded material.

Ibiza  10th -16th October

7 days of Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, , delicious food, great connections and free time for swimming, beach, relaxing.


Arrive Sun 10th 

                03:00pm check in 

                 04:30pm Asanas

                 06:00pm Dinner

                 7:30pm   Meditation 

11th until 15th

                  7:30am Meditation 

                  08:00am Asanas 

                 (09:30am time to shower, journal)

                  10:00am Brunch

                  11:00am Theory 

                  12:00pm AsanasAnatomy

                  01:30pm free time

                  04:30pm Asanas 

                  06:00pm Dinner

                  07:30pm Meditation 


Last day Sat 16th  

                 7:00am Meditation 

                  7:30am Asanas (1h practice

                  8:30am breakfast 

                   10am   check out 

The Online Program

After Ibiza you will be part of a dynamic 10 week online program with liveclasses with Mika 3 times a week and additional prerecorded material.

Zoom live classes with Mika from Monday 18th October to Thursday 23rd Dec.

Tuesdays 7am CET  75min Asana practice 

Thursday 7am CET  75min Asana practice 

Saturday 9am CET 120min Theory 

Every second Sunday 9am 75min Yin Yoga 

If you  miss a Zoom live call then there will be a recording waiting for you


During the course she will be available for questions and support via email or whatsapp. 

The additional prerecorded material is uploaded on theTeachable platform and you can watch the videos in your own time.


From famous to challenging – learn the most important asanas and get a full description on their impact on the (energetic) body and the mind


Mindful awareness of the interconnection of body and breath and the right geometry of asanas


Get an introduction to various styles of meditation for different occasions


Learn basic pranayama techniques such as kapalabhati, nadi shodhana, bhastrika and others


Dive into the more than 7000 years long history of Yoga and it’s way to the modern society


From bones to muscles, from ligaments to tendons – get a hands-on overview how our body works


The art of correcting students to deepen the posture or to avoid injuries 


Learn how to design your class with sequencing and understand the use behind it.


Prepare and hold your first classes to adopt your knowledge practically and gain confidence. Learn from helpful and appreciative feedback.


Learn how to adopt for special needs – whether it’s childs, prenatal or senior yoga or yoga with injuries


Learn about the ancient purification techniques


How to be self-employed as a teacher whether in a retreat or a studio and finding your niche


Learn about the various styles in Hatha – from Vinyasa to Yin with a short introduction to fascia and aerial


How to apply your knowledge in your every day life in a mindful way and not loosing your hippie gene

Learn how to teach online classes and workshops.


Excursus to a healthy diet and how that correlates with Yoga and the Yamas



2 steps to apply & register for the course:


1. book your spot for Ibiza via email ( and paydirectly via bank transfer
2. register at futurehippie.teachable for the online part of the course. Payment goes directly to teachable.

Only these two steps will register you as a student. It is not possible to attend only the second part of the course. If you have done an online yttc withfuturehippie you can apply for the first part on Ibiza. (if spots are available


Part 1 – Ibiza 10.-16.October 2021

starts from 1350€ 

Shared twin room : early bird 1350€/ 1539€

Single room : early bird 1550€/ 1767€

Shared loft with 3 beds: early bird 1350€/ 1539€

Shared telescope lounge, 2 beds : each 1350€/ 1539€


Part 2 – online yttc 

890€ (early bird price) / 990€ (regular price

Payment plan over three month available. (3 times 330€)

self paced online course including live sessions via Zoom.

The course material is uploaded on the platform teachable, where also registration and payment takes place.


Total price starts from: 2240€ 





In the case of an emergency state or lockdown in Spain or your home countrywhich would make it impossible to travel, the first intense training week on Ibiza, would be transferred into an online training too. In this case a refund of100% would be given for accommodation and food. A fee of 300€ would still bekept for the online program

Example: You paid 1350€ for Ibiza and 890€ for the online program. I wouldrefund you 1050€ .


A refund of 70% is given if you cancel for any other reason more then 30 daysprior to the yttc.

A refund of 30% is given if you cancel inbetween 30- 14 days prior to the yttc.

14 days before the retreat no refund

In case of sickness or personal reasons I recommend a travel insurance. Yourspot could be transferred to another person but is not transferable to anotherdate.



When does the course start?

The official start of the course is the 10th of October on Ibiza.


How long does the course take ?

You can complete the course at the 24th December, which is the recommendedlength and time. If you need more time you can extend until the end of January2022.


How is the interaction in-between students and teachers?

You will be invited to a private Facebook group where students and teacher canshare informations with each other and ask for support

You have to do assignments in written format and video format where you will be asked to record yourself and upload the video or you can go live via Zoom.


Will there be any exam?

There will be a written, a Sanskrit and a practical exam at the end of the course. The written exam is a multiple choice exam. The Sanskrit exam is a fun examwhere you need to show that you understand Asana names in Sanskrit. In thepractical exam you will be teaching a one hour class and upload it or go live. 


Can I attend the course in my time zone?

Yes all classes are recorded so you can watch them at any time. The live classesare Tuesdays, Thursdays , Saturdays and every second Sundays

Tuesday & Thursday 7am CET

Saturday 9am CET and every second Sunday at 9am CET.

The live classes are also recorded so that you can watch the replay at any time.


What style of yoga is it ?

You will learn to teach basic and intermediate Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow.

There’s is an introduction to other styles such as Yin & Fascia Yoga.


What happens in the live calls?

Tuesdays and Thursdays are Asana & Pranayama morning flows, where we will focus on Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga. These live classes are exclusive for yttcstudents.

Saturdays we’re focusing on Anatomy and Teaching Methodology. Later on in the course you will be teaching your live classes there too during this time. Saturdays are also exclusive for yttc students.

Every second Sundays will be an open live class for yttc students and others tojoin a Yin Yoga class.


What are the private classes about ?

As everyone is different,everyone has different needs and questions.

I have chosen to integrate 2 private calls with me so that we can figure out together what it needs for you to become a better version of yourself or a betterYogateacher. We might practice Asanas, Pranayama or Meditation- or we focuson a different topic


Can I attend the course as a beginner ?

It’s an all level course. Beginners are also welcome. You will learn to teachbasic Asanas to your future students. It’s important for me that you will have a good understanding about the basic Yoga Asanas and are able to safely guideyour students. I will encourage you to listen to your body as much as possibleand take resting poses whenever necessary.


Do I need to be flexible to attend the course?

No you don’t need to flexible to attend the course. You should be onlycommitted to your practice and your self development


What are the benefits of an online training format ?

I am excited to offer the first-ever hybrid Yoga teacher training for futurehippie. Before I taught either online and offline formats.

This new format gives you the opportunity to use this challenging time to levelup

You can participate in the training without having to completely removeyourself from other responsibilities or commitments.  

Another benefit is that you’re doing the lectures in your own pace

The first week in person will give you an excellent preparation for your online study. During this week we can make sure that your alignment andunderstanding of Asanas is safe and correct to further on deepen your practice.


What subjects are covered during the online lectures ?

The content covered will be the same as in a person yttc, with some adjustmentsto ensure that the experience is easy to understand through an online platform

You will learn about Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching Methodology and Yoga lifestyle


How much is the course ?

To make this training as accessible as possible, I am offering the online modulfor a rate of 890/990€, plus the costs for the week on Ibiza, which starts from1350€.

Please see the sectionPricingfor more details.


Will I be able to teach after completing the training ?

Yes. This course will teach you the basics to lead a good Yoga class and yourfuture students in a safe way. Also if you’re taking the course just for yourselfyou will have a lot of benefits.


Is this training certified through Yoga alliance ?

This yttc is not registered with Yoga alliance as I don’t wanna support an alliance which has almost zero benefits and costs a lot of money. The content ofthe yttc is the same as Yoga alliance would require. You don’t need to beregistered with YA as a Yogateacher to teach Yoga classes & workshops


Why should I do a yttc

There are a lot of reasons! Just to name a few

you will learn new things about your physical body 
you will discover your physical and mental strength
You will avoid injuries in daily activities 
you will deepen your spiritual practice
you will gain confidence 



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