200h Yoga
teacher training

200h Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance Certification and meditation courses

200h Yoga teacher training

Yoga is not just a physical practice. It’s also a spiritual practice, and it can transform your life.

I’m so happy to announce that you can join a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training on Koh Phangan with me again in person! After two years of pandemic and wonderful online trainings, the borders are open!

It’s 21 days on paradise island Koh Phangan!

Futurehippie is still a nomadic online & offline Yoga school. I’m teaching as a freelancer with other amazing teachers for Casa Shambala on beautiful Koh Phangan.

Be a part of this amazing journey!


La Casa Shambala 200H Yoga Training

Join me at “La Casa Shambala”

This training will certify you to teach Yoga and enhance your self-development. You will go outside of your comfort zone but be supported throughout by amazing teachers.

This is an introduction to different aspects of yoga, including save and effective practice. 

Upon completion you will have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, understand how to sequence and design a Yoga class, have awareness of the history and philosophy of Yoga and have gained the confidence to teach.

You will also leave with tools to commence or continue living a well balanced and healthy yoga lifestyle

Philosophy of “La Casa Shambala”

The curriculum and philosophy are focused on traditional Hatha yoga. You will learn how to integrate the empathetic and spiritual practice of Hatha into your life, learning how to exist in the spiritual world and the modern-day world we are all accustomed to.

You will be taught how to sequence beautiful Vinyasa flows that will embody your unique teaching style.

As a yoga teacher, it’s important to understand the human anatomy. 

The course teaches anatomy from its more traditional biological standpoint as well as the conjunction between yogic philosophy and biological principles.

The yoga asana classes are traditional Hatha, yin/restorative yoga, and Vinyasa.

La Casa Shambala has been open since 2017 and since then welcomed many amazing human beings from all over the planet. People are encouraged to share, to eat together, to get raw and real, to be human. 

La Casa Shambala organize retreats and trainings in Thailand, Mexico, Portugal & Spain. It’s is a family vibe and as a family, they have created a story with hundreds of students, volunteers, teachers, and staff members.

Next 200h Yoga teacher training courses on Koh Phangan:

Aug 7 – Aug 27, 2022

Sept 4 – Sept 24, 2022

Oct 2 – Oct 22, 2022

Feb 16 – Mar 8, 2023

Apr 20 – May 10, 2023

May 14 – June 3, 2023

June 8 – June 28, 2023


There’s an amazing team of experienced teachers at La Casa Shambala and I’m happy to say that I’m part of this family.


If you wanna know at which Yoga teacher training, I will be part of the teaching team or leading the course§, please send an email.

Become a 200h Yoga Teacher

Join the family vibe and safe some money!

With the code „futurehippie“ you will get 5% discount when you decide for a direct booking through info@lacasashambala.com.

You can use this code for all upcoming courses in Europe & Thailand.

To book your spot send an email to info@lacasashambala.com with following informations:

name, email, whatsapp, location you’re interested in, month you wanna join and the code „futurehippie“ to get 5% discount